Berlin – Tell Me Why *[RARE]* – Berlin Video

1981 45 RPM “Tell Me Why” B-Side of The Metro single on MAO Records Label, completely different version than the Album, this is the first real studio version Berlin made of this song, but it seems they changed there mind and re-produced a different version for the Album, I do not think this was intended to be a demo, since it was officially released on the 45. Enjoy this classic different 80″s version. Album version is good also, but way over produced compared to this. I mixed this loud, enjoy!

20 Responses to “Berlin – Tell Me Why *[RARE]* – Berlin Video”

  1. namssa2 says:

    Better than the original

  2. nman6280 says:

    What an amazing song. Terri Nunn is an unbeleivable singer. Love the sounds and Terri’s voice. No one makes music like this. Thanks for posting this song. Berlin are the best.

  3. Patricia Ortega says:

    Berlins song called sex

  4. rijog says:

    I, too, did not know this existed. Much rawer than the album version (which I’ve always loved). Thanks for posting!

  5. wordsmi999 says:

    Rare is right–I had no idea this existed, but it sure sounds classic. Berlin is one reason I’m so nostalgic for the 80’s. Thanks for sharing!

  6. nhf7170 says:

    Pleasure Victim is one of the most brilliant albums of the ’80s

  7. TheNewMusicNetwork says:

    hey, well said. you might like my page

  8. RogieVixen says:

    Totally agree and that’s usually the way it goes, dammit. 🙁

  9. primalopera says:

    So much fun this day…

  10. fortheloveoftunes says:

    Synth and electric drums (Roland) in ya face! .-)

  11. phunkydrmmr says:

    I saw Berlin at The Ritz in NYC when ‘Count’ came out – and the did a whole electro set ala Pleasure Victim as a 3 piece and it was amazing!

  12. Rene Peraza says:

    The most underrated band in west-coast history! Love that although it’s new wave, it’s not a faux euro put-on—it retains it’s LA thing!

  13. devilxhlywood says:

    <3 terri

  14. johninfl says:


    Her vocals aren’t buried in the mix. Actually better than the original…..
    Love ya Mrs. Nunn!!!

  15. mazzarge says:

    I am not surprised that Berlin were not more popular.They are F,,,,,, fantastic.To good for most to appreciate.

  16. djmusicjac says:

    wow wow wow wow totally experimental synthpop love it one of best

  17. Jett CenterfoLd says:

    54 – 0 

  18. ERIELACKU34CH says:

    wow this is hot

  19. BerlinFan82 says:

    Certainly a little stripped down from Pleasure Victim album, a little more like it would sound live. Love Berlin, one of my all time favorites. Pleasure Victim and Love Life a great one two eighties punch.

  20. psmaia82 says:

    excelente! o melhor dos berlin…..
    banda q na decada oitenta acabou precisamente 86/87, com o take my breath away ..enfim. aniway na minha opiniao das melhores bandas new wave/electro pop!


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