BATTLEFIELD WW2 GAMEPLAY/REVIEW – Omaha Beach/Iwo Jima/Berlin – 1st Person Action – Call to Arms Mod – Berlin Video

published: 2017-08-05 16:09:43

Today, I show you Battlefield WW2 gameplay which is an awesome mod for Call to Arms (also known as Men of War basically). Since first person view for infantry and vehicles is part of that game, means you can control any unit in this mod in 1st person view as well, or 3rd person. This gives you an idea, how Men of War would be like if it had this. I’d say it’s pretty awesome and give a totally new way to play. BF WWII mod also comes with realistic sounds that make the whole battle feel true. Regarding actual gameplay mechanics, it’s very far away from RobZ Realism mod, that basically simulates everything as realistically as possible. BF mod also is somewhat buggy and isn’t very well optimized but it’s one of the few mods that let you play Men of War, in 1st person that in a game Call to Arms. That’s my first impression and review what I’ve experienced so far.
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  1. Don't forget to read my quick review in the video description, enjoy!

  2. It's pretty good. Damn, almost non rts games can reach this level. I say awesome

  3. I wish I had call to arms the full version

  4. Clickbait.
    But still epic tho

  5. Call to Arms.
    Also known as the Men of War no one wants to buy…

  6. But this is absolutely amazing more please!

  7. Wow , when warfaregaming was controlling the tank , it was become like war thunder AB mode , it's so awesome

  8. Reminds me of the old muzzle velocity games

  9. this is dope plsdo more stuff like this

  10. Imagine this game: you play as unknown soldier in WW2, you success your tutorial, you take part in your first battle and suddenly you die. There's no checkpoints. You take control to another soldier who is fighting in this battlefield and you win the battle, and so on, you die as this soldier and you play already as another soldier. Wouldn't be this good? (sorry for english)

  11. Jesus,whatever that Japanese soldier threw at that Sherman must've been packed with at least 480 grams of explosives.

  12. All of you saying that this is clickbait when you could read the description


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